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 Real People with results

I have carried this burden for almost 33 years, until today 17th June 2016 when my whole life was completely changed. Richard helped me to find who I really am.

As a child that grew up in a very abusive family. I witnessed my Mom constantly getting physically, emotionally, mentally and verbally abused by my Dad. Every single day I felt trapped in little "ME". The little "ME" that hoped I could save Mom while she got beat up, comfort her while she cried every single night or simply to be able to let her know that I felt her pain. The little "ME" wished  she could make her mom happy and help her get out of her misery - but I was only 5 years old.

And here I was 29 years later, still trapped in that little "ME".

Richard is one of the most compassionate and caring persons I know. Right at the beginning our session, I felt so comfortable. I had no fears and I trusted him completely. I opened up my whole life and let him walk with me as I traveled to my past and through his magic work of art, I released all the burdens that I had been carrying.

He listened, he understood, he felt, he observed, and he found a way. Tears of joy and the feeling of ease and relief  was how I felt immediately after our session. I was in an abundance of happiness that I no longer carried my "Little Me" anymore.

I found who I really I am and my life has changed since then. I'm so grateful that I asked for his help.

I would definitely recommend Richard's beautiful work to anyone who needs to shift their life, to change their limiting beliefs, to achieve their goals and so much more.

His amazing work changed my life and it will change yours too.

Thank you Richard and be blessed.

~ YA. Calgary


Thank you Richard, for an incredible experience. I came to see you with one thing in mind, but with your intuition, you picked up on what I really needed to shift. For years, I have hated looking at myself in the mirror. I have always found it much easier to love others unconditionally, rather than myself. After our session, I felt a shift. I feel more confident, calmer and more powerful. Even my voice seems different - stronger and richer. I can look myself in the mirror now and tell myself “I love you” without cringing or looking away. I really feel the love for myself. I can’t wait to see what shows up over the next few days. I am looking forward to continuing our work together. Thank you again.

~ Nola P. Calgary



Richard is a remarkably gifted healer. Each time I have been blessed to spend with him has been transformative, creating profound shifts in my material world as well as my consciousness. My awareness and understanding continue to expand well after the sessions have concluded. As a result, healing is continual. Great value is added with the practical aspect of Richard's healing modalities. We can easily learn how to use his processes ourselves and come to know our own healing capabilities, listening to and trusting our intuitive and very powerful voice inside. I am deeply grateful to have connected with Richard. I attribute much of my current state of peace and serenity to the work we have done together.

~Dawn C. Calgary



The sessions I’ve had with Richard have been extraordinary; super thorough, truly multi dimensional, whole, integrating experiences. His way of working is a clear, effective process and within that process there is so much freedom to see to what emerges. His way of doing things really leaves no stone unturned. I’ve noticed clear indicators of change since working with him and just the experiences themselves have brought so much insight…there is a sense of real significance that’s staying with me weeks and months after, which speaks to the solid relevance of what Richard was able to facilitate for me. Richard’s genuine interest and appropriate concern is really tangible during and between sessions. His presence…he is 100 percent there in these sessions and tapped in and tuned-in to what’s underneath. I feel so grateful that I happened to come across him in my life and to experience such a holistic in-depth approach. I feel very lucky/ blessed and very grateful.

~ Nicole B., Calgary



Even skeptics can be enlightened. While I believe in our ability to change I didn’t expect quite as quick a change in my fear of heights. Richard took me though his Refreshing Beliefs Method and three days later I had the chance to see if my belief had truly changed. It had. I was able to walk out on a hotel balcony, walk to the railing and look over without any fear and without the fear I would jump. Thank you, Richard. I believe I’ll be back to change another belief.

~ Garth, Calgary



Firstly, thank you very much for your time last Tuesday. I found your process very enlightening and helpful (although I'm not yet able to report that Prince Charming has swept me off my feet :). I came away from the session feeling very hopeful for the future. You are sure but gentle in your approach and your wisdom and knowledge is very grounding. I thought the visualization/feeling exercise was excellent because it took me out of the negative thought pattern that I always default to and replaced it with a wonderful and beautiful new scenario. Re-reading the notes helps to solidify the visual. The one thing I found most interesting was when you asked what action I was going to take to create reality from my new found beliefs. Sometimes I (we) forget that change doesn't happen by merely thinking and wishing. I think I half expect that the helping professional will wave a wand and handsome men and thousand dollar bills will magically fall from the sky.

I would like to come and see you again some time and will definitely recommend your service to people!

~ Sandy


"I would like to take this time to say how extremely grateful I am to have stumbled on your website. To start, I really liked how I had to fill out a form prior to our phone session as this helped us maximize our time together. During our session, you listened attentively to what I needed and guided me in a way that enabled me to identify precisely what I wanted to get out of the session. Your profound intuition skills coupled with your incredible interpersonal and facilitating skills made our session extremely enjoyable, meaningful and relevant. Your breadth of knowledge in multiple areas is truly incredible. The fact that I saw results almost immediately left me speechless (in a good way!). It was a wonderful experience to work with you and I would HIGHLY recommend you to anyone wanting to make changes in their lives. THANK YOU!

(I also wanted to add that it meant a lot to me that you followed up and responded so quickly to a question I had about our session.)"

— Mandy,

"I wanted to Thank you for the other day! I didn't realize how much sadness I had been carrying around with me. Since we saw each other last I have been in four situations where I know I would have normally broke down and cried but i didn't! :) I can not thank you enough!"

— Becky



 "I am feeling so much better since our session last week, like I'm back to my old self." 

— Brett



"I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for yesterday. I thought a lot about all that happened and I appreciate you taking the time with me. You mentioned on various occasion that I say ‘thank you’ to my first husband, it made me realize that in letting go of all the resentment I had towards him I could say thank you, for what I have gained in knowing him. Along with many other things in my life, I almost called my mom to test my emotional response there, but it just isn’t time yet.  In a couple of days we’ll test it!!"

— Julia


 "Wanted to let you know that I was just speaking to Sam’s English teacher about Sam’s speech he presented on Tuesday. She said he did fabulous! No signs of excessive anxiety or stuttering. He even volunteered to go first! Thanks to you for the space you have created for Sam’s healing and I will keep you posted as we continue our journey and may contact you in the future for further guidance."

— Peggy



"Thanks again for the wonderful session last week. I definitely feel happier and more positive as a result. Funny thing, yesterday, I was being present to the thoughts in my head and suddenly it occurred to me that I could forgive my father instead of getting involved for the umpteenth time in the "dull roar". I decided maybe loving him would work better, and guess what ... it does!"

— Donna


 "After reading The Biology of Belief by Dr. Bruce Lipton, and The Missing [Piece] Peace in Your Life! by Robert M. Williams, I wanted to experience the PSYCH-K process. Richard helped me in two areas of my life. I was struggling with self love and some forgiveness issues. Richard helped me to go deep within my sub-conscious mind to finally be able to love myself and to forgive and let go of these resentments and angers.

During the VAK process from PSYCH-K, I went to a visualization of something that made me very happy, joyful, the best place I like to be. For me it is being with little grandson (7 years old). I saw this bright white light shaped like a heart. I felt this amazing love flowing from the heart of light. I heard many sounds of nature… birds, squirrels, water lapping on the shore of our lake where I live. The air smelled like it does after a refreshing shower of rain. I didn’t want to leave this place. When I got home I looked at a photo of my grandson and saw his face/hair line was shaped like a heart! God truly blessed me!

Miracles happened in that session that have had positive effects in all areas of my life-physically, emotionally and spiritually. I felt the chi energy flowing through me from head to toe. I felt like I could have floated out of there I was so light in body and spirit."

— Judy D



"Wow I don’t know which processes you did for me last week, but I can say that since you did them I have been through a tornado of emotions, from tears to eventually I feel more neutrality than anything else. I have not woken up once this week in the middle of the night and when I think of the aging thing alone, I feel no charge.

Once again, I cant thank you enough for your wisdom and guidance and your selfless sharing. You are a beautiful soul."

— Des L.



"I believe I have come a long way Richard. I was in a very bad place, and have steadily climbed out and up. The internal fight, or battle is over. I think it was a war between the Conscious self and my conditioned self, always in conflict, at opposite ends, wanting different things. Now, my Subconscious is becoming an ally, a supporter of my desires. I have lived a life of 'opposite ville', getting the exact things I did not want and the confusion, well pretty massive.

I get this more now. I understand the power of the Subconscious in a way that I just simply did not get before. I am still working out the relationship with the greater intelligence and how that fits in.

I wanted to let you know. I have been dating a lot since you and I did that balance together. I am not as afraid of men as I was. Cautious, but not fearful.

Thanks for the good work you do in the world. It is greatly appreciated."

— Terry


 "The changes that I have experienced in the last week are nothing short of miraculous.  I have wakened every morning last week excited about going to work! I literally feel like I am on a high. My co-worker said to me, “I don’t know what you are on, but I want some!” She has heard me bitch and complain for the past year on a daily basis. I no longer hate my job!

Even more, I arrived last weekend with significant digestive intolerances. They included meat, salt, gluten, potatoes, yeast (therefore no breads) and more. Tuesday I felt drawn to eat a Big Mac and fries (meat, salt, potatoes, yeast), Wednesday a breakfast sandwich from Tim Horton’s, and Thursday a breakfast sandwich from Subway…and absolutely anything else I felt like eating all week. The outcome has been absolutely no adverse affects! Before I was a vegetarian because I had to be…after eating the Big Mac I realized I am now a vegetarian because I don’t want to see a life sacrificed for food that I can get in other ways."

— Shirley



"I am sending you out a very HUGE thank you for whatever magic you worked on me during our session together. The most significant change is the absence of the internal struggle. You were very accurate with the "when are you going to stop abusing yourself?" I had been giving others the place, the space and the permission to be harmful to me. And I had this epiphany moment when a critical piece of my puzzle snapped into place. You were right about the 'masculine' part of me 'suppressing' and containing the 'feminine'. I did not get that before.

I was in a conference over the past week and I took an opportunity to speak in front of 500 people. And I spoke from my heart and not my head. I was flooded with people lining up to talk with me, wanting to partner with me, wanting to promote me. It was amazing. I would not have done that before. Oh, I would have taken the opportunity to speak, but I would have been trying to impress with my credentials, etc. It was a transformative moment for me, and I would not have been in that mindset without your help.

The internal raging battle is gone. In fact is it so gone that I can hardly understand that it ever existed. The idea of being a separate being does not even make sense to me now. I feel whole for the first time that I can remember. And with that wholeness has come an integrated sense of power and aligned purpose. I am not sure if my words are giving the best explanation, but, I know that you will get it.

I also know that I am far from 'done'. I am simply more interested in growth and development and evolving than I am about the exact outcomes. Make sense?

So, thanks and thanks again.

And if no one has told you today how special you are, let me be the first."

— Terry


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