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Your freedom is in the Shadows!


When you fight Shadow you struggle

When you embrace Shadow you soar!

Your freedom

is in the


The Light Side of Life

What if...

  • You were free of any emotional trigger, upset or reactivity
  • You felt worthy and good enough to achieve your goals and dreams
  • You felt like you were loved, lovable, accepted and belong
  • You could be free of unhealthy behaviors, dramas, fears and addictions
  • You had the power and presence to rise up to any challenge
  • You could be authentic and real in any situation
  • You felt resourceful, complete and whole
  • Life was full of purpose and meaning
  • You felt a deep sense of aliveness and joy

All of these powers and capacities are within you. The light side of life is hidden in the shadows, just waiting to be discovered, accepted, and unleashed.

Shadow integration work unleashes your true power and potential.

Lighting up the shadows within

Shadow Integration Work

If you are stuck in any part of your life, get upset, emotionally triggered or overreact in certain situations, then you have unresolved shadow. These upsets and patterns of behavior repeat themselves over and over until the underlying shadow is discovered, forgiven, integrated and owned. These shadow parts of you also contain lost gifts, energies and capacities that can help you lead a successful, fulfilled life!

In Shadow integration work...
  • You discover and free the shadows that are keeping you stuck in old patterns
  • You release power and potential that was locked away; opening doors to success
  • You forgive the root cause and finally find the peace you are looking for
  • You feel more whole, and are less judgemental, more compassionate and loving
  • You have more wisdom, power and energy available to accomplish your goals
  • You become more authentic and full of joy radiating from within
Shadow-work sets you free!
Aliveness in the shadow

Private Shadow Integration Sessions

Shadow-Work with Richard Schultz

Shadow integration work is among the most profound, rewarding, life shifting work you can do. Even so, most people don't know about it, or have inner resistance to doing it. It is also 'tricky work' and can be emotionally uncomfortable in the beginning. Alone, people find it difficult to recognize and integrate their shadows because they have spent their entire lives disowning them, hating them and fighting them in projections. It helps to have a shadow-work mentor and guide to help you identify your shadows and reintegrate them.

Richard Schultz has done extensive shadow-work with himself and others with profound results and shifts. Through his guidance, hidden shadows miraculously emerge and get resolved in shadow integration sessions. Richard's holds a skillful, compassionate space for you as you discover, embrace and integrate shadows, one by one, with astounding results. In a single session it is common to shift from distress to peace and joy!

Do Shadow-work with Richard Schultz

Shadow Integration Workshops



Introductory Shadow Workshops

Your Shadows
Saturday, July 20th
11am to 2pm Eastern

Introductory Shadow Integration Workshop

Your Shadows
Saturday, September 7
11am to 2pm Eastern

Introductory shadow integration workshop

Your Shadows
Saturday, November 16
11am to 2pm Eastern

Introduction to Shadow Integration Work

Advanced Shadow Integration Work

The Shadow Matters Intensive

Learn to do Shadow-Work
Ideal for Healers & Coaches




6-week Learning Intensive

About Shadow-Work

What is Shadow?
The Dance of Shadow
What is shadow?
Where does shadow come from?
What are the symptoms of shadow?
Does everyone have shadows?
How do you find your shadows?
How shadow relates to limiting beliefs
What is the shadow self?
How the shadow-self relates to the ego
How Shadow relates to the inner child
What is spiritual bypassing?
How shadow is often misunderstood
What is Shadow Integration?
What is shadow work?
What are the benefits of shadow work?
Can shadow-work help you achieve your goals?
Is shadow work dangerous?
Do you need a therapist to do shadow work?
What happens in shadow integration work?
How long does shadow work take?
Forgiveness and surrender in shadow-work
Are you ready for shadow work?
Why shadow integration so important?
Where can you learn how to do shadow work?

Podcasts about

Shadow Integration


What's Arising Podcast on Spotify

  • In the first part of this two-part podcast, as crazy as it might sound, we will talk about how embracing POWERLESS and SURRENDER is actually a path to authentic POWER. We cannot be truly in our power without the ability to choose surrender. In surrender, we unleash mysterious forces that can take us to the experience of ‘miracles’. Are you getting exhausted by trying to use your will-power and not getting results you need? In part 2 of the podcast we will extend our awareness into how to appropriately use and align the power of mind to easily reach our goals. By choosing to align our conscious decisions with subconscious automation and super-conscious wisdom, we become a potent force that creates life with ease and grace. Surrender is at the core of shadow integration work.

  • Emotion is the energy that powers your thoughts, beliefs and actions. Emotions are the kingpin of your power and when used appropriately, they power the manifestation of your goals and dreams. However, emotions are meant to MOVE - they are energy-in-motion. Repressed emotions bind us; expressed emotions liberate us. In this podcast, you will learn why emotions are at the centre of being powerful, why the only negative emotions are unexpressed emotions and how you have the ability to choose your emotions to empower your life. You will get 8 tips to mastering your emotions. Emotional work is core to shadow integration work.

  • Forgiveness is one of the most powerful tools to restore authentic power. However, forgiveness is not well understood. For those that have felt the deep trauma that comes through experiences like "betrayal", forgiving does not even feel possible or desirable. However, holding onto non-forgiveness, no matter what happened, is poison and is a massive "power leakage." In this episode, we will look at what forgiveness is and how important it is to restore authentic power. You'll get some tips on how to forgive, even when that seems impossible. It all starts with a decision. Forgiveness is a core process used in shadow integration work.

  • Authentic Power is rooted in unconditional love. Our path is not just to be more loving in the world but to BE LOVE - our true nature. When we bring the truth of love into our BEING as humans, then we transcend this dream called life and contribute to the awakening of human-kind. It is the end of fear, separation and suffering. In this podcast, we will talk about Innocence and love. We will examine the illusory trance that we think is reality, and discuss how we can all awaken and bring our true reality and nature into this illusory world to manifest an enlightened life. In understanding the soul's desire to bring us back to innocence and unconditional love, we can understand why shadow integration is necessary - to love all of who we are. 

  • Relationships hold a mirror to where we have lost or given away our power. This podcast will invite you to consider that anytime you have an emotional "charge" towards someone in your life, such as when you are angry, upset, jealous, blaming or judging towards them, then that person may be the key to a deeper opportunity to healing within yourself. When you shine light on relationship triggers, they reveal your true nature and power. In this podcast, you will learn about 3 mirrors of relationship and how they can help you to reveal and heal deeper wounds to stop the energy leakage and restore harmony and truth through forgiveness and shadow integration work.

  • Most of our authentic power has been hidden, rejected, or disowned. It has been stuffed into "the shadows" but it is not lost. This podcast will begin to introduce you to "shadow integration work" and how this important work will take you to freedom and acceptance. You will learn what shadow is, where it comes from, the benefits of shadow integration and the consequences if you don't. The exercises in this podcast will help you identify shadows that may be keeping you stuck in old patterns so that eventually you can transform them.

  • Bad Boy! Good Girl! Everyone has had some conditioning around the archetypes of Good/Bad Girl/Boy and no matter what beliefs and behaviors you took in reaction to this, you will have lost or given away some of your power here. What role did you take on in for your life? Have you always striven to be 'good' and lost the risk-loving, trickster, naughty qualities of the 'bad'? Or did you take on the 'bad' and rebel role and lost the sense of your goodness? Have you never felt 'good enough'? In this podcast, we will explore the seductive shadows of good and bad. You will discover that no matter what role you have taken, 'good or bad', there was both power lost and power gained. It is now time to discover and embrace your opposite to become 'the good' of owning and being it all. It is about being whole through shadow integration work.

  • The energy of injustice is rising to extreme levels in our world today. Injustice is projected everywhere and false saviors of justice are rising up to save us all. There is a feeling injustice that comes with terrorism, unbalanced economic systems, political corruption, and the list goes on. We have multitudes of victims, oppressors, and conspiracies to the extreme. Underlying it all are the shadows of justice/injustice that keep the illusion and fears alive. If you are losing a lot of energy in fighting or overdramatizing the injustice in your world, then you'll want to check out this podcast to understand how you might be co-creating injustice or not embracing truth. With awareness and release of your own wounds of injustice, you'll gain a greater capacity to help and serve others with greater compassion and success. You will be able to relax your sword and live in greater joy. Is it time to discover your shadows around justice and do the shadow integration work to own them?

  • Do you feel or fear being out of control? With finances? Health? Relationships? Life? Like all qualities in this dualistic reality, control can have its "light and dark" sides. Imbalances in our relationship to control will affect everything in our lives. It takes a lot of energy to try to control all the variables to reach our goals or just get by. The ego will tell us we must control everything in order to survive and thrive, but is this true? If you feel overwhelmed with life and feel like you are losing control or if you are attracting relationships with others where you are they are highly controlling, and you are triggered by this, then you have lost power in the shadow of control. This podcast will explore shadow integration for control, the freedom of surrender, and the power of flow.

  • What is your relationship to authority? Is it a capacity you own and embrace or have lost? Many of us have grown up with a dicey relationship to authority or authority figures. We have either given our power away to the authority of others or we have rejected all authority as we understand it and therefore may not even embrace our own authority. We either can't stand others that claim their authority or we get seduced by 'masters' that claim authority only to discover they are frauds or fakes.  In this podcast, through stories and examples, we will look at owning your authority and how this shadow integration work will expand your capacity for success and improve your relationships.

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