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Learn Methods & Tools for Life Mastery

Learn How to Reprogram Limiting Beliefs!

Leap beyond your limits by reprogramming limiting beliefs and emotions. Your subconscious mind runs most your life on automatic through conditioned beliefs and emotions. If you have limitation in your life, you have limitations in your mind! Through the Refreshing Beliefs Method video course, you'll learn how to quickly discover and reprogram limiting beliefs and emotional charges that have habitually been keeping you stuck.  Don't waste your time saying affirmations when you can simply reprogram your mind in minutes. Refreshing Beliefs is effective, fast, simple and safe!

Reprogramming limiting beliefs and releasing emotional triggers will transform your Relationships, Health, Self Esteem, Wealth, Personal Power, Self Fulfillment and Success.

Take charge of your mind, your emotions and your life!

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Being Powerful Program


In this FREE Video Series you'll learn about the foundation of true power and how to access it with the correct use of your whole mind. Learn about reprogramming limiting beliefs and emotions with positive affirmations that energize and activate your goals.

You'll also become aware of places you lose power and energy and how forgiveness plugs these leaks and brings you back to wholeness. Connect with the infinite Power of Being!.

Learn how to access the power withinTap into Your Power and Unlock Your Potential!

Uncover the JOY within you!

It is possible for you to attain and sustain a sense of peace, love and joy, no matter what is going on in your world. In this free video e-course, you'll learn about four jumps or shifts that will take you beyond suffering to your natural state of lasting joy.

Learn about root causes of suffering, how life is always guiding you to your joy, and how to radically shift the quality of your life through practices of presence, forgiveness and surrender. 


 Take Jumps For Joy


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Richard Schultz assists leaders in unlocking their true potential, authentic power and inner wisdom to create extraordinary, high impact lives. Courses, life mentoring and dialogue with Richard can help you live your legacy and build capacity to thrive with change!

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