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Refreshing Beliefs e-course - Take charge of your life!

Stop relationship failures

START attracting love!

Stop the struggle & stress

START being in charge!

Stop money problems

START being prosperous!

Stop feeling hopelessness

START being in the flow!

Take charge of your life by mastering the power of your subconscious  mind!  In this  video e-course you will learn a proven system to quickly reprogram your self limiting beliefs and emotions so that you stop the struggle and start seeing  the results you've always been looking for.

Are you finding some parts of your life are a struggle?

 Do you find yourself stuck in the struggle and stress  and just can't seem to break free?

Do you continue to sabotage your success in parts of your life?

Do you find you that you can't get ahead financially no matter what you do?

Do you repeat hurtful experiences in your relationships and can't seem to break the pattern?

Are you feeling locked-in to poor habits that are physically or mentally unhealthy for you?

Is your self-talk constantly beating you up and putting you down?

Do you experience fears, phobias, anxiety or other emotional setbacks that just don't easily go away?

If you experience any of these, then you need to take charge of your mind and get the power of your subconscious mind working FOR you not against you!

     Struggling with life and can't break free

    To overcome life problems, you need to take charge of your mind

    You have 3 powerful minds: the conscious and subconscious minds and the Super-conscious

     1. Your conscious mind is the mind that makes decisions. Its power is the power to choose your reality through your decisions, goals and actions.  It is responsible for subconscious programming.

    2. Your subconscious mind is your habitual mind. It is a million times more powerful than your conscious mind, but like a computer, it just runs the programs (beliefs) it is given. Its power is that it creates your reality on automatic according to its programming and the fuel (emotions) that set it in motion. Most of your life experience is based on this subconscious programming — "good" or "bad".

    3. Your Super-Conscious "Spirit" mind is the most powerful of all. It can guide you in making wise & powerful  decisions, but you need to ask. It will not interfere with free will. Let your will be Its Will!

           Beliefs are a key to the mind

          Are your conscious and subconscious minds holding you back from being successful?

          Your subconscious mind is holding you back because it has old belief programming and emotional charge that is working against you rather than for you. It does not reprogram itself, but if you know how, it will easily accept the new affirmations you give it. It also holds emotions that need to be forgiven, integrated and let go.

          Your conscious mind is holding you back if you are not deciding to take charge of your life. For success, you must choose to become aware of limiting beliefs and emotions and reprogram your powerful subconscious mind.  Find lasting happiness and joy when you align your will with Super-conscious Will.


          You can find success — everywhere you correctly put your mind to it!



                Take Charge Of Your Mind and Life!

                Refreshing Beliefs Method

                In this Refreshing Beliefs e-Course, you will learn...

                • The basic science behind why you need to master the power of  your subconscious mind to reach your goals.
                • How to use the conscious and  subconscious mind to take charge of your life and accelerate achieving your goals.
                • How to use your Super-conscious mind to accelerate your growth and success
                • How to do muscle testing to communicate directly with your subconscious mind and find your self limiting beliefs
                • Skills to create positive powerful affirmations and then quickly, easily and safely “install” them in your powerful subconscious mind.
                • Powerful tools to  clarify your goals for your subconscious mind so it knows exactly what you want. If your goals are not clear to the subconscious mind, it cannot help you
                • Skills to uncover hidden self limiting beliefs and emotions that are holding you back and keeping you from achieving your  goals.
                • Tools and techniques to heal and release limiting emotions such as fear, anger, confusion, overwhelm and anxiety.
                • How to do subconscious programming for yourself PLUS work with others to help them too.
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                • Part 1: Setting Your Intentions

                   Modules 1- 5: Setting yourself up for success. Discover beliefs and fears that limit your ability to learn and set your intentions for what you desire to learn in this course and take charge of in your life.

                • Part 2: How You Create Your Reality

                  Modules 6 - 14: Learn how  your beliefs and emotions are affecting you  and success in your life? Discover where your beliefs have come from. When you understand how your “programming” happens and how it affects you, you can decide to take back your power and  upgrade your subconscious programs!

                • Part 3: Powers of the Mind

                  Modules 15-19: Learn about the 3 levels of mind and understand the roles and power of each. By knowing how to use your mind correctly, you'll waste less energy and have more success in making your mind work for you rather than against you.

                • Part 4: Powerful New Mind Programs

                  Module #20-32: Learn how to create and clarify new empowering goals and belief programs (affirmations) that your subconscious mind understands and can easily and quickly accept. Learn how to take your goals and desires and code them into the secret language of your subconscious mind.

                • Part 5: Learn Muscle Testing

                  Module #33-41:  Wouldn’t it be nice if you knew what your subconscious actually was thinking and what limiting belief programs it was running? In this part of the course, you will learn the science of ‘muscle testing’ as a tool for direct communication with your subconscious mind.

                • Part 6: Refreshing Your Beliefs

                  Module #42-48: You are now ready to reprogram your limiting subconscious beliefs and create new beliefs that support your goals.  In this segment, Richard will teach you his simple Refreshing Beliefs Process – a safe and easy method to reprogram your subconscious mind in just minutes! Be prepared to be surprised!

                • Part 7: Refreshing Your Emotions

                  Module #49-56: Stuck in limiting emotions that you can’t seem to shift no matter what you do? In this segment, you will learn how to release limiting emotions and engage empowering emotions for positive action and change.

                • Part 8: Finding Layers of Limitation

                  Module #57-66: You have millions of beliefs influencing your life and most are hidden from your awareness.   Finding the beliefs and emotions that are keeping you in your struggle can be difficult if you don't know how.  In this segment of the course, Richard will give you a 'bag of tricks' to  find  the core limiting beliefs and emotions that are holding you back from your goals so that they can be reprogrammed.

                • Part 9: Mastery, Power & Wisdom

                  Module #67-76: Take your learning and mind power to the level of Mastery! The power and wisdom is already within you. In this segment, you'll learn about how to expand your power and wisdom, take charge of your life and  let it shine!

                Refreshing Beliefs e-Course

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                Refreshing Beliefs Course Testimonials



                "After being directed to the WisdomWays website, I felt immediately attracted to the insights and reflections given to me in various e-mails. Although I had  experience in more or less similar methods, the features offered in the Refreshing Beliefs Method where very inviting to take the on-line course. Not for a moment did I regret that decision.

                To gain insights that there is more than just a belief or emotion to refresh was a revelation in itself. Any question I had was answered quickly, extensively and often accompanied with suggestions to consider too by Richard. I am very grateful to the Universe for having brought WisdomWays into my life. The Refreshing Beliefs Method has become a important part of my daily activities. It is like a detergent to clean my mind, bringing out the beauty which was always there, hidden under layers of ‘dirt’.

                Thank you Richard, thank you very much!

                (Bert, The Netherlands)


                 Thank you for the course, it was an excellent summary and I can see bits and bops of so many other techniques I've used over the years in there but brought together in a succinct way, as well as a lot of completely new approaches and techniques. In fact, the changes I've experienced in one week of  doing the course have been extremely impactful and constructive. So constructive in fact that I am actually taking off a week now from my regular work to focus full time on installing beliefs and refreshing emotions in areas in my life where I am clearly not at peak performance. Thanks again for your time, commitment and curiosity in experimenting and researching and for sharing your knowledge so freely.

                N.L. December, 2019


                "This course has really opened up my eyes. All of what I was feeling was about me and I have to "refresh" (forgive) me before I can forgive anybody else. I also learned that I am somebody and I need to take care of me first so that I can be happy, healthy and rich in my life."  Dawn; Sept. 2015

                 "I am so grateful to Richard for exposing me to these amazing belief changes. I am confident that my dreams and goals will be obtained on a go forward basis. I discovered the women inside me and absolutely love her! No monetary value can be placed on that! Thank you Richard and God bless you in every way!" Jody; Sept. 2015

                "I've been aware for many years the beliefs are at the core of what is keeping me stagnant. This workshop has allowed me to open myself in a supported environment to my intuitive side. All through the workshop I felt my intuition stretching and that has brought a feeling of relief. I want to do the weekend all over again!"  Ann; Sept. 2015

                 "The workshop allowed me to clearly understand the correlation between my subconscious beliefs and the outcomes in my life. Now I know myself better and I have more power/control to influence my future and achieve the goals I desire" Wadih; Sept. 2015

                "I am so glad that I attended this workshop. It helped me to understand the power that our beliefs can have in our lives. This course taught me some very simple, easy to use techniques to quickly set goals(both short-term and long-term) and change beliefs that can quickly make a good difference in my life. It taught me how to break the limiting patterns that kept me attracting pain and suffering. Now I can use this course to help me change my beliefs to see a good change in my life instead of blaming others and running away!"  Nicola; Sept. 2015

                • "Enlightening!"
                • "This program is amazing. Loved it and what it has done for my life. Thank you!!"
                • "I feel so much better about my future possibilities. I now have the tools to work on healing myself and look forward to creating a great future."
                • "I will be using these tools in my daily life"
                • "This program exceeded my expectations - which were quite high"
                • "Loved this course, loved the people. I am embarking on a new journey with extreme confidence now."
                • "This course is very simple to understand. It helped me to understand very clearly the steps I must take to make my belief statement and what I must do to change my beliefs to break unhealthy patterns."
                • "This is one of the best motivational programs I have been to where the process is simple and can be used easily.
                • "Very good program. It is helped me a lot. The good thing about this course is that it is so simple and easy to understand and can be applied to handle a problem quickly, any time, any day. Thank you Richard!"





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                Access Period: 24-7, 100% Online, 365 Days
                Duration: 51 HD Videos (4.5hrs total)

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