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In a pilot study carried out by McKinsey & Company, the Corporate Culture Assessment instrument was used in parallel with 30 structured consultant interviews. The Corporate Culture Assessment was found to provide a more comprehensive and insightful analysis, and more credible results at a fraction of the cost.

The key advantages of the Cultural Transformation Tools® are:

  • Assessment advantagesThey provide one of the most comprehensive cultural diagnostic and values assessments commercially available
  • They are affordable for both small and large organizations
  • The survey form requires only 15 minutes to complete
  • The survey form is customized for every organization
  • The survey form is accessible on the Internet - Paper surveys can also be used for those who do not have Internet access
  • Prices are the same for 100, 1000, or 5000 employees when surveys are carried out on the Internet
  • Total Costs are based on number of analysis requested
  • The survey is available in several languages -Additional languages can easily be added
  • The system is fast - two to four weeks from project initiation to reporting

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Cultural Transformation Tools® Richard Barrett & Associates LLC.

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