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WisdomWays assists you in getting your Vision, Mission and Values into the subconscious fabric of your organization - your culture!


At the deeper layers of your self or your organization, the most fundamental drivers of whom and how you show up in the world will be your Vision, Mission and Values. They define the basis of your culture or your personality.

 The more aligned and visible these are through your actions, the more authentic you will appear and the greater your brand recognition will be. You will have greater motivation towards your goals. Others will have a “feel” for what you are about, just by experiencing you. This creates trusting relationships because you walk your talk!

Many organizations have their values on their websites or in their annual reports, but how often are they just “window dressing”? What if everyone in your organization automatically behaved and made decisions in ways that were congruent with what you espouse?

 WisdomWays facilitates using a variety of methodologies including Cultural Transformation Tools®, Genuine Contact™,   Open Space Technology and World Cafe'. We facilitate you in consciously discovering and choosing what you want to stand for, and we will also assist you in getting your Vision, Mission and Values aligned and lived throughout your organization so that everyone walks-the-talk automatically.

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