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"Open Space Technology is a meeting methodology that
enables individuals and groups to become more effective in work environments that are rapidly and constantly changing."



Open Space Technology. . . by developing their skills as lifelong learners and collaborative problem solvers. It creates the conditions so that the maximum potential of the individual and the organization can be realized.

Open Space Technology captures the knowledge, experience and innovation in the organization that is not captured through less open processes."

Billie Alban and Barbara Bunker
Large Group Interventions, Jossey-Bass, 1997


Open Space Technology is the most powerful meeting methodology for the 21st Century. Developed by organizational consultant Harrison Owen, from Potomac, Maryland, USA, it taps into the spirit of an organization like no other large or small group intervention can. It is now used around the world to enable organizations to learn and achieve beyond their expectations with a simple approach, based on clear values and principles.


Business Team pieces of the puzzle

Open Space Technology creates an environment for innovation, problem solving, creativity, teamwork, and rapid change. It also creates the conditions for an organization to utilize the potential of the workforce, inspire growth in organizational performance, and to learn to use the chaos in the organization to work for you rather than against you.

As organizations utilize meetings as a primary way of connecting people to accomplish tasks, it is imperative that meetings be "opened up" in terms of appropriate structure and process to really get the work done that is needed for organizational excellence. Individuals need to be brought together quickly in ways that removes the constraints of inappropriate structure and control. Open Space Technology achieves this.


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