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WisdomWays assists leaders and organizations in unlocking potential and authentic power and wisdom for maximum impact and success.

 ...while honoring our core values of  Compassion, Connection, Integrity,  Empowerment and Excellence.


Unlocking potential and the power within

You have immense power and wisdom with you. To reach your true potential,  and create extraordinary success you need to know how to access and harness that inner power.

Richard Schultz of WisdomWays can assist you to free your mind  of limiting beliefs, emotions and subconscious blocks that hold you back from success and happiness. With Richard, you can reduce stress, eliminate anxiety and take charge of creating the life you desire.


You have the wisdom and power within you to resolve any challenges you may have.  WisdomWays creates  a safe environment or 'space' for you to connect with your own inherent wisdom to ignite your creativity, unleash the true power within you and find lasting success. We'll show you how to free your mind of limiting beliefs, emotions or trauma and in doing so, you will unleash your life. We'll show you how to access and harness the power of your subconscious mind to manifest success habitually.

Our physical and online learning spaces will invite you to connect to the 'knowing of Self'. You will have breakthroughs and release blockages that have been keeping you stuck or overshadowing your inherent brilliance.  By connecting to your "inner space" of vision, mission, values, passions and beliefs, you will emerge with the clarity,  power, motivation and focused action to fulfill your greatest desires and actualize your true potential. WisdomWays specializes in 'shadow work' through which you to reclaim the lost or hidden parts of yourself that hold the very power you need to move ahead with your goals and dreams.

WisdomWays  is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and Richard is currently residing in Shediac, New Brunswick, Canada.  Richard can work with you by phone or online whereever you are in the world.   

Unleash Your True Potential & Power with WisdomWays!

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Location: Shediac, New Brunswick;

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About WisdomWays

WisdomWays assists leaders and organizations to unlock their potential, authentic power and wisdom to create  extraordinary experiences, impact and success.  Build your capacity to thrive with change!

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