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Feeling like things are out of control?

March 30, 2022
Are you feeling out of control? With finances? Health? Relationships? Life? Do you double-down with control when you feel this way? Are you getting overwhelmed and burning out? Does it feel like everything is falling apart in your life or in the world? If you are feeling this, you are definitely not ...

Dancing with Light

March 11, 2022
What would happen if the Source of Light is brought INTO the mind, fully lighting it up. If the Light Source was contained within your mind, rather than separate from it, could shadows even exist? Your whole BEING would BE ...

Breaking free of Judgement

February 23, 2022
In such a divisive world, I have heard of so many family members or friends turning on each other or pushing people out of their lives. Whatever ‘side’ of the divide you might be on in your personal fight/argument/perspective, if you are ‘upset’ by the situation, then I invite you to take a close look in the mirror. In the looking glass, you will find your freedom and your peace of ...

The State of Fear

January 6, 2022
The virus of fear and its mutant, fast spreading variants are a much more dangerous threat to humanity than the Covid-19 virus could ever be. While we may not be able to control Covid-19, we are completely in control of whether we get infected by fear or spread fear. Fears, if we choose to work with them, also hold the keys to our ultimate ...

Being Present in the Celebration of Life

December 16, 2021
Are you able to pause and just celebrate life, for no reason, no matter what is happening in the world around you? Has the ‘great pause’ of the Covid pandemic allowed you to shift your life priorities in healthy, balanced ways, or have you slipped into states of overwhelm, fear or ...

Freedom from the story of dominance and power-over

December 6, 2021
The story of dominance, within a story of separation, has now brought humanity to face-to-face with its own potential annihilation. Without a radical change in our human story of dominance/submission, we may all come to a tragic ...

Shadow Dancing

May 13, 2021
You have a choice. You can either FIGHT your SHADOW or you can DANCE with it. Fighting with your Shadow, like you have done all your life, is only wearing you out, keeping you stuck and creating drama and suffering. Choosing to surrender, embrace and dance with your own Shadow is an absolute necessity if you want lasting peace, joy and freedom in your ...

Transforming Grief and Loss

November 20, 2020
With grief and loss being so pervasive in everyone's experience of life, we all need effective, holistic tools, methods and support to work with it and shift it. If we don't, it can add excessive drama and suffering to our story and adversely affect our quality of life, our health and our ...

Re-writing the story of your life

July 16, 2020
 Story is central to our life experience. A script was being written and our character cast from the moment we were born. Our parents or caregivers taught us our lines and told us how to be and how to behave. We all learned to play our parts well because we wanted them to love us, to be proud of us or  just to survive the game. However, you don't need to live with these tired, hand-me-down ...

Connection Matters

September 30, 2019
Connection does matter. Ultimately, it may be the only thing that does really matter in this human experience.   I would suggest that there is  only one  core "problem" that anyone has in this world and that is our belief  that we are  separate.    The solution to the problem of separation is connection  and connection is possible to  attain because it reflects the authentic truth of who we ...

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