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Are you ready to fully leap into life and soar?

Are you ready and motivated to leap to a higher level of liberty, success, peace and joy in all aspects of your life?

Most people never get fully off the ground in their life because they are stuck within the limits of their conditioned minds. They are imprisoned by their limiting beliefs, un-integrated emotional charge, unexamined stories, and especially un-integrated shadow coming from core wounds. Inside this prison, it is hard to even imagine what true freedom might actually be, let alone find it.

Mentoring with Richard will take you into the depths of your Being in order to rise to new heights. In the depths, you will transform and release the limitations that weigh you down and keep you stuck. As you let go of your limits, you'll get in touch with the true callings of your soul and your soul will show you how and where to soar!

Life Mastery Mentoring Programs

The following sample individual programs represent potential intentions or motivations, for your mentoring relationship with Richard. Together, we will map out a customized program focused on your needs in our initial intake session and adapt the plan as needed to accomplish your goals. In the mentoring, we will work with your "whole life" and organically work with core issues and goals that naturally emerge in your life and through our work together. Click here to find out more about Richard's experience and other possibilities to learn and grow.

In each mentoring program, we focus on aligning all aspects of your Being to support your success. This includes vision, purpose, beliefs, emotions, story, and behaviors/actions. A key focus will be on integrating your hidden "shadow-parts." Shadows hold precious keys to the cause of why you have been stuck, and powerful gifts and enlightened freedom once the shadows are embraced and transformed. 

Life Mastery

Consider this mentoring stream if your primary motivation is to elevate your overall experience of life, taking it to new heights!

Are you feeling stuck in particular areas of your life such as prosperity, health, family dynamics, romantic partnerships or personal/spiritual growth? Are you wanting assistance and mentorship to discover and live your full potential; letting go of all the limits that hold you back from living your best life and finding your sweet spot of sustained success, peace, love and joy?

Depending on your needs, you will:

  • Ignite your goals, dreams, and fulfillment desires
  • Discover your core purpose, gifts and strengths
  • Release the chains that bind you
  • Transform core wounds into core gifts
  • Develop healthy practices to sustain health and balance
  • Learn to make decisions and take actions aligned with your soul
  • Experience the uplifting joy that comes from trusting and surrendering to life

Leadership & Legacy Mastery

Consider this mentoring stream if your primary motivation is to elevate your leadership capacity and the impact you have in the world through your life, work and community service.

Taking a leadership role in your organization or in your community has impact and influence. The quality of the legacy you leave behind largely depends on how much inner work you have done. Great leadership is an inside job. The culture of your team (positive or negative) will be a direct reflection of how you show up, or don't.

Depending on your needs, you will:

  • Get connected to your vision of the impact and influence you desire to have through your life and work.
  • Discover your core purpose, gifts and strengths that support your vision
  • Release inner resistance and blocks to successfully achieving your goals
  • Transform core wounds into core gifts
  • Develop leadership practices that build and sustain positive, collaborative cultures.
  • Expand your capacity to make healthy, balanced decisions.

Shadow Mastery

Consider this mentoring stream if your primary interest is to learn and develop your capacity to facilitate the transformation of 'shadow' within yourself and/or your clients.

Shadow-work is a much-needed skill. Many people have successfully healed many aspects of their lives, but have avoided, or not known how to reintegrate the parts that have been rejected or lost. This wholeness work is critical to transform the deeper wounds and polarized world-views in ourselves and our communities.

Depending on your needs, you will:

  • Experience how personally transformative shadow-work actually is
  • Discover and transform primary personal shadows that have been keeping you stuck in limiting patterns
  • Learn tools and techniques to discover and integrate shadows that you can use independently with yourself and others
  • Transform core wounds into core gifts
  • Receive mentoring on how to do shadow-work with your clients
  • Expand your intuition & healing capacity

Mentoring & Shadow-work Testimonial


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*NOTE: Custom pricing for your mentoring program will be confirmed at your free Discovery Session. Price will depend on your focus, budget, the frequency and intensity with which we will work together and the support you desire.  Direct work with Richard will typically be from 2-4 hours per month for a minimum of 4 months. 

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The Mentoring Application Process and Relationship

Life mentoring is a close partnership. We'll be doing some deep work together, so it is important that we are a good match for each other. A good match would mean we are clear about and committed to what we want to achieve together with a comfortable, open connection and exchange between us. The application process is designed to determine if we are a good match to work together, that we are clear about our respective roles and responsibilities, and we are both clear about what you can expect to achieve in our work together. 

Application Process:

Step 1: Complete the online Mentoring Application by clicking an "APPLY" Button below

Step 2: Book a Discovery Session. Upon completion of the online Application, you will be automatically directed to Richard's web calendar to book a Discovery Session.

Step 3: Attend the Discovery Session. The purpose of this session is to get to know each other and determine if and how we wish to work together. Come prepared with your questions and intentions. In this free 45-minute session we will:

  • Get to know each other
  • Clarify what you would like to learn and accomplish
  • Open up new possibilities and opportunities
  • Answer any of your questions about the mentoring relationship
  • Review the Mentoring Agreement (terms, roles & responsibilities, payment etc)
  • Decide if we wish to work together
  • Make a plan to get started and book our first mentoring sessions

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Richard Schultz assists leaders in unlocking their true potential, authentic power and inner wisdom to create extraordinary, high impact lives. Courses, life mentoring and dialogue with Richard can help you live your legacy and build capacity to thrive with change!

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