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Healing Circles Shediac NB

Open Healing Circles in Shediac, NB

With Richard's  gifted assistance, participants in these healing circles will have opportunities to  heal aspects of their lives.  As participants  heal, forgive and  release old wounds and patterns, there will be more capacity to live the life  you were meant to live - a life fulfilled and  filled with joy. 

This program is offered Wednesdays in Shediac, New Brunswick. Space is limited. Register early.

Learn more about the Restoring Love ProgramWhat would you like to heal in your life?

Restoring Love Program from WisdomWays


If you are stuck or repeat self-sabotaging behaviors, then Shadow is likely 'messing' with you. If you judge or can't stand certain behaviors in others, then Shadow is present. If affirmations are not working for you, Shadow could be the cause. Good news -> Shadow can be healed.

In this program, learn how to embrace your Shadow to reconnect with true power and wisdom. Learn how to forgive anyone for anything. Embracing your Shadow to restore your wholeness.

Learn more about the Restoring Love ProgramRe-Story Your Life with the Power of Love!

Refreshing Beliefs Method - Unleash Your Life!


Learn how to reprogram your powerful subconscious mind to accomplish your goals  with greater ease using the Refreshing Beliefs Method . It's fast, simple and safe!

Reprogramming limiting beliefs and releasing emotional triggers will transform your Relationships, Health,  Self Esteem,  Wealth,  Personal Power and  Success.

Learn MoreUnleash Your Life!

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