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What's Arising?


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What's Arising?


Take Down Your Heart Shields

By Richard Schultz  September 23, 2014

True Potential is Activated Through Opening Your Heart

To activate and live your true potential, you must open and expand your heart. Your heart is your primary access point for giving and receiving the light of love and joy. It is the center of your passion and where you exchange love with all of creation. Love is actually the essence of who you really are at your core. When you close off the energy of love, by either not giving it or receiving it, you become a little less whole – a little less than the magnificent, powerful being that you are.

Could it be time to examine where you block off the flow of love to and from your heart? Could it be time to let down your shields? Would you like to fully expand into your true power and potential?


What is a "Heart Shield?"

Growing up human is difficult for most. From time to time, we experience painful physical and emotional trauma. Our hearts feel hurt when someone betrays us, abuses us, does not receive our love, or does not give us the love we expect from them. As we experience this "wounding" to our heart, our survival reaction is to put up "shields" around our heart to protect it from further damage.

heart lockedIt might seem appropriate and wise for you to maintain these heart shields. After all, who in their "right mind" would leave their heart exposed to potential attack? At the time of the trauma, this was probably the only way you knew how to survive. However, when the danger is long gone and the person that you feel hurt you is no longer there, is the shield still useful? What is the cost of a closed heart?

Most people have built a fortress around their heart that is a mile high, with a moat, a drawbridge, locks on the door and even cannons to fend off potential attackers. They have shut themselves off inside their little castle to feel safe and they "decorate" the inside as best they can to try to feel good. However, the interior decorating will only go so far. The fortress becomes a cold, dark, lonely prison and eventually, without the flow of love, the power will go off.


Releasing Heart Shields

To release a heart shield, you first have to be aware of it, its origin and the consequences of continuing to maintain it. Then from your free will, make a decision that you will let it go. With the courage that comes from your heart, you will then turn towards the original wound and forgive everything around it including the other person(s) and yourself. The shield is a bandage that covers the wound but never allows it to fully heal. On the other hand, forgiveness is the medicine that will completely heal the wound without even a scar. After you have forgiven, you will have no need for the shield and you will then feel safe to let love flow.

Forgiveness key

Notice where you have patterns of closing down to love in fear of getting hurt. Choose to turn towards fear and go into it to discover the gifts beyond the fear. Forgive. Get some assistance if you don't know how to get there, but do it because living your great life depends on it! You have nothing to lose except your old stories of suffering.

Be careful. Your negative ego will lie to you about this. It may tell you that if you turned towards your wounded parts, you will just suffer more or even die. It will tell you that you or the other person does not deserve to be forgiven. It will tell you that if you open up the wound again, it will be too painful and you cannot handle it. It will tell you just keep your wound hidden or it will try to distract you from dealing with the very thing that will set you free.

Open up now to the love that you are!

Contrary to what the ego might tell you, when you let down a heart shield, love and joy will naturally pour into you and from you into the world. The universe will then reflect back your inner transformation and you will notice more flow in your life. Your light will shine brighter and you will feel more whole and more free. You will have opened up to more of your true potential and power.


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