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Life Levity Unlimited


Workshops to Lighten Your Life

and Rise to New Heights

The Life Levity Unlimited workshops are focused on elevating your success in all categories of your life experience. Everyone has certain life challenges or areas where they want to improve the quality of their experience. This may be with money, relationships, self-esteem, health or spirituality. In these workshops, we will focus on particular life themes to transform the root causes of what is limiting your success, and expand your creative capacity to not only attain your goals, but rise up in peace and joy in the process.

In relation to the workshop theme, you will:

  • Reconnect with your life essence and true potential
  • Reprogram limiting subconscious beliefs that hold you back
  • Identify, process and let go of emotional charges that keep you stuck in old patterns
  • Discover and embrace lost "shadow-parts" that contain the secrets to sustained success
  • Be engaged with a community of like-minded & like-hearted life explorers  
  • Open your heart and mind to a more expansive, elevated experience of life   

Workshops are small, intimate and highly experiential. You'll have opportunities to not only deeply connect with yourself, but also the opportunity create genuine connection with fellow participants. You'll contribute to each other's breakthrough experience and celebrate in each other's success! 

Life Levity Workshop Schedule

Sat, Nov 6 - Sat, Dec 11
11:00 AM to 1:30 PM Canada / Ontario / Toronto
Advance Price until 10/15/2021
C$597.00 C$397.00

Early-Bird Special Pricing
33% OFF until October 15

Workshop Dates:

Saturdays at 11am NA-EST on:

Nov 6, 13, 20, 27 & Dec 4, 11th

Learn a powerful system to finally transform what keeps you stuck. If you remain stuck in certain areas of your life, no matter what you do, then you would be wise to look at your Shadows.

Shadow integration work is often a critical missing piece in most healing practices. If reprogramming limiting beliefs, emotional release, and energy-work has not given you lasting results, then you have not been transforming the core of your issues. Shadow-work is core life work and holds the keys to your final liberation. 

In this intensive online workshop you will learn how to do "Shadow-Work" to effectively transform core wounds into core gifts, peace and joy. You'll learn how to recognize, retrieve and integrate lost parts of yourself to find wholeness.

Includes 6 live online group sessions of 2.5 hours each, workbook, homework and text support.

Wed, Oct 6 - Wed, Oct 27
7:00 PM to 9:00 PM Canada / Ontario / Toronto
Advance Price until 9/23/2021
C$397.00 C$297.00

WisdomWays Levity Liftoff Workshop

Early-Bird Special Pricing
25% OFF until Sept 23st

Workshop Dates:

7-9pm NA-EDT

Oct 6, 13, 20 & 27th

Come into alignment with your soul! At a soul-level, you burst into life to have certain core experiences designed to learn, evolve, and contribute your unique gifts. However, when 'shit happens', we tend to get distracted, lose our way and forget who we are and why we are here. 

This foundation workshop is about remembering and aligning with your essence so that you can more fully embrace life, make wise and powerful choices, BE and DO what you came here for, and contribute your precious gifts into form.

In this workshop, you will discover your life purpose to give your life meaning, the essence of will fulfill you, and learn about the gifts and strengths you were gifted to be given to the world. You'll also learn about what holds you back from living your best life and following the unique path and destiny of your soul.

Includes 4 live online group sessions of 2 hours each, workbook, homework and text support.

Coming Soon!

The workshops listed above are the foundation of WisdomWays Life Levity Workshops. In taking them, no matter where you are now, you'll get even closer to lightness at your core. However, because everyone has challenges in specific areas of life, there will soon be workshops listed that are focused on elevating: 

  • Prosperity: Letting go of money blocks and stepping into your abundance
  • Relationships: Working with the mirrors and messengers of your life to expand your joy
  • Service: Stepping out to make an impact with your talents & gifts
  • Spirituality: Raising your consciousness to be all you can be  

All workshops are facilitated to draw upon the wisdom within you and the group, and therefore, the experience and learning is uniquely co-created by the participants attending. Be prepared to be surprised!

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