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Your freedom is in the shadows waiting for you!

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Set Yourself Free!



Parts of you are lost or imprisoned.

These parts hold the keys to your success.

You have the power to free them!

Your freedom is in the Shadows!


When you fight Shadow you struggle

When you embrace Shadow you soar!

Your freedom

is in the


What does freedom look like to you?

What if...

  • You could be free of any emotional trigger, upset or reactivity
  • You felt worthy and good enough to achieve your goals and dreams
  • You felt like you were loved, lovable, accepted and belong
  • You could be free of unhealthy behaviors, dramas, fears and addictions
  • You had the power and presence to rise up to any challenge
  • You could be authentic and real in any situation
  • You felt resourceful, complete and whole
  • Life was full of purpose and meaning
  • You felt a deep sense of aliveness and joy

All of these powers and capacities are within you. If you feel that some are missing, they are hidden within your 'shadow-self', just waiting to be discovered, reunited and unleashed.

Shadow integration work unleashes your true power and potential.

Shadow-work sets you free!

Shadow Integration Work

If you are stuck in any part of your life, get upset, emotionally triggered or overreact in certain situations, then you have unresolved shadow. These upsets and patterns of behavior repeat themselves over and over until the underlying shadow is discovered, forgiven, integrated and owned. These shadow parts of you also contain lost gifts, energies and capacities that can help you lead a successful, fulfilled life!

In Shadow integration work...

  • You discover and free the shadows that are keeping you stuck in old patterns
  • You release power and potential that was locked away; opening doors to success
  • You forgive the root cause and finally find the peace you are looking for
  • You feel more whole, and are less judgemental, more compassionate and loving
  • You have more wisdom, power and energy available to accomplish your goals
  • You become more authentic and full of joy radiating from within

Shadow-work sets you free!

woman grace water reflection

Shadow Integration with Richard

Shadow integration work is among the most profound, rewarding, life shifting work you can do. Even so, most people don't know about it, or have inner resistance to doing it. It is also 'tricky work' and can be emotionally uncomfortable in the beginning. Alone, people find it difficult to recognize and integrate their shadows because they have spent their entire lives disowning them, hating them and fighting them in projections. It helps to have a shadow-work mentor and guide to help you identify your shadows and reintegrate them.

Richard Schultz has done extensive shadow-work with himself and others with profound results and shifts. Through his guidance hidden shadows miraculously emerge and get resolved in the sessions. Richard's holds a skillful and compassionate space for you as you discover, embrace and integrate shadows, one by one, with astounding results. In a single session it is common to shift from a distressful situation to peace and joy!

Options for shadow-work with Richard:

Book a free Discovery Session to determine your best path

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Richard Schultz assists leaders in unlocking their true potential, authentic power and inner wisdom to create extraordinary, high impact lives. Courses, life mentoring and dialogue with Richard can help you live your legacy and build capacity to thrive with change!

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Shadow Mastery

Consider this mentoring stream if your primary interest is to learn and develop your capacity to facilitate the transformation of 'shadow' within yourself and/or your clients.

Shadow-work is a much-needed skill. Many people have successfully healed many aspects of their lives, but have avoided, or not known how to reintegrate the parts that have been rejected or lost. This wholeness work is critical to transform the deeper wounds and polarized world-views in ourselves and our communities.

Depending on your needs, you will:

  • Experience how personally transformative shadow-work actually is
  • Discover and transform primary personal shadows that have been keeping you stuck in limiting patterns
  • Learn tools and techniques to discover and integrate shadows that you can use independently with yourself and others
  • Transform core wounds into core gifts
  • Receive mentoring on how to do shadow-work with your clients
  • Expand your intuition & healing capacity