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        Stuck in old patterns?

        Stck in old patterns and struggle

         Where do you struggle?


        • Do you over-react or get emotionally triggered by certain experiences or events?
        • Do you get highly critical or judgmental of yourself or others?
        • Do you avoid or hate anger, sadness, guilt or other "difficult" emotions?
        • Do you replay the same old 'drama' stories repetitively in your thoughts or conversations?
        • Do you face recurring challenges and conflicts in relationships?
        • Do you have difficulty achieving certain goals, no matter how hard you try?
        • Do you do behave in ways that are unhealthy but seem powerless to stop?
        • Do you have difficulty saying you are sorry when you have hurt someone?


            Looking for freedom?

            Healing and Transformation

            There is a way out...


             1. You are whole and complete at your core, but you have bought into the illusion of separation. Separation and limited beliefs are at the root cause of all suffering and lack. 

             2. Your experience of reality (relationships, self esteem, wealth, health, success) is a direct reflection of your mind - your thoughts, beliefs, emotions and story.   

             3. You are the programmer of your mind. If you don't like your reality, you can reprogram and free your mind. 

             4. Changing your mind (and therefore your reality) is easy if you know what to change and how to change it. You do not need to stay stuck in old patterns.

             5. You are not alone. Within you is a powerful guidance system that is calling you back to your core wholeness and highest potential. 


            As you free your mind, you become permanently FREE!


                Forgiveness is key

                Freedom through Forgiveness

                 Forgiveness is the key to your freedom!


                • It is the most powerful process you can do to restore love, free your mind and activate your true potential.
                • In forgiving, you collapse the illusion of separation and reclaim your wholeness.
                • You come to peace with what happened and release its poisonous effect on you.
                • It raises your inner vibration and therefore the quality of what you attract into your life.
                • It ends negative emotional reaction and frees you from past patterns.
                • Relationships improve and your capacity to manifest your dreams expands.


                 Forgiveness restores love & opens the door to true freedom!


                    Your shadow has Power

                    Your Shadow Self has power

                    For total FREEDOM, Embrace "Shadow"


                    You have a "shadow self" that holds your lost POWER

                    It holds all those parts of you that you have judged, rejected or denied expression. 

                    When left separate and in the dark, those parts will create havoc with your relationships, prosperity, health & happiness.

                    Hiding & suppressing these disowned parts also depletes your energy - energy that you could instead be using to manifest your goals. 

                    Embracing your "shadows" will gift you with great wisdom, power & compassion. Your life will expand in its brilliance. Guaranteed!

                    Your "shadow" holds the keys to your happiness & highest potential!

                    "What you can't be with, won't let you be!" - Bill Spinoza, Landmark Education



                        The Restoring Love Program

                        Forgiveness to Freedom

                        Re-Story Life to set yourself free

                        Re-Story Your Life...

                        • Learn how to forgive anyone for anything, including yourself.
                        • Find the loving truth, wisdom and compassion in any life experience.
                        • Come to truly love yourself and others no matter what your past story of life has been.
                        • Discover parts of yourself that energetically hold you back from your goals and dreams and heal them.
                        • Experience the freedom that comes when you have the power to create the reality you deeply desire.
                        • Learn how you can shift your story of limitation to one of expansive abundance.
                        • Learn how to dwell in the realm of emotional neutrality through any of life's challenges
                        • Learn how to hold loving, non-judgmental space for yourself and others.

                            Level 1 (1 Day)

                            In Level 1 of the Restoring Love Program, you will learn the deeper meaning of what it means to forgive and how forgiveness expands your potential. You will learn and experience a powerful forgiveness process that will allow you to forgive anyone for anything!

                            In this workshop you will also experience what it is like to "hold compassionate space" for yourself and others as you do this life altering work. 



                                Level 2 (2 Days)

                                In Level 2, you will learn about becoming WHOLE - embracing the parts of you ("light and dark") that you have rejected, disowned or kept in the dark.

                                Your life will begin to transform. In wholeness you will find renewed capacity to accomplish your goals and step into a sense of trust and peace no matter what is going on around you.

                                Level 1 is a prerequisite to Level 2


                                    Level 3 (5 Days)

                                    In Level 3, your wholeness will expand as you learn how to embrace and transform all of your reality. Learn to use the power and wisdom within you to create the life you desire rather than being the victim of life and circumstances.

                                    The skills you will learn in this workshop will enhance your relationships, prosperity, health, peace and joy.

                                    Level 2 is a prerequisite to Level 3


                                        Restoring Love Workshop Schedule

                                        Special Pricing is for Early Registration.

                                        Please contact us for upcoming dates and details.

                                         Workshop sizes are small, so register early so you are not disappointed!

                                        Restoring Love Workshops
                                           Location    Date/ Time

                                        Regular / EarlyBird

                                        Level 1: Forgiveness (Live Online) Online



                                        C$177/ $97

                                        All workshops are facilitated by founder Richard Schultz


                                        Richard Schultz - WisdomWaysMy personal experience of the tools you will learn - Richard Schultz

                                        In 2008, I was in a time of deep emotional pain in my life and none of the tools that I had learned were giving me relief - and I knew lots of tools! Then a friend facilitated a simple forgiveness process for me that began to change everything. This simple tool to forgive-the-unforgiveable miraculously expanded into a powerful new system of transformation which is now my preferred change process for myself and my clients. This work has dramatically expanded my own capacity for love and compassion. It has experientially shown me, without exception, how powerful everyone of us truly is and how we can transcend any human suffering.

                                        In these workshops, I'll teach you this powerful system of change so that you can fully embody the unconditional loving being that you truly are - with the power and wisdom to manifest your heart's desire. 

                                            Satisfaction Guaranteed

                                            Satisfaction Guaranteed!

                                            We do workshops to assist people in changing their lives by teaching powerful tools for self-transformation. If you are not satisfied with what you receive in the workshop and the potential of the tools you learn to change your life or the lives of others,  then just say so and we'll give you your money back.


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