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Access Your Power For Life And Your True Potential


Change is constantChange is constant. There is no stopping it.

In the face of change, you can either feel like a cork being tossed around in an ocean, reacting to each new wave OR you can respond to the changes affecting you with conscious movement(s). As human beings we have the power to decide to grow, to evolve and to better our position in response to change rather than to be a victim or stay in the heavy stress. 

You can use the change as a catalyst to access your true power and potential



The subconscious mind does not like change

With change being constant and even accelerating in this Information Age, we cannot afford to dig in and resist change. Freezing (getting stuck or paralyzed) in the face of change can be detrimental to us but it is often what happens in reaction to changes that appear threatening. Another strategy is to run away or retreat back to a 'safe' position in our past, but the past is already gone and this strategy seldom works and relief is temporary at best. Getting stuck in the past or fearing the future creates stress makes us feel powerless.  

Your power to create an extraordinary life is in the present moment starting with a decision. 

The role of your powerful subconscious mind is to keep you safe according to its "programming". It tries to maintain a consistency (no change) with respect to this programming which all occurred in the past.  While this learned programming (thoughts, beliefs, emotions, story) may have been relevant in your past to help you survive and feel safe, much of this programming is out of date and limits you today. This outdated subconscious programming runs parts of your life, keeps you stuck in old patterns of behavior and limits your perceived choices. It can prevent you from useful movement and from growing and evolving to a more beneficial state of being.

In the face of constant change, if you are not in a conscious movement to a more beneficial state, then you are likely stuck, feeling depressed or losing ground. It does not have to be this way.



Accessing the Power For Conscious Movement(s)

To access your power in response to change, you need to consciously decide what you desire (your response to a change) and then reprogram your powerful subconscious mind to manifest, move or deliver the results you desire. Even better, you can learn to access the wisdom and power of you "super-conscious mind" to guide your conscious decisions for life and guide you on the most beneficial path forward. 

 Is it time for you to make a movement?

Can you access your full power and energy for life?

What kind of impact could a conscious movement(s) now have on your life or the lives of others?



Your Power For Movement

The power is within you! You may not be able to stop change but you can decide to change your mind. With a conscious change your mind, you can feel free and in charge of your life rather than feeling powerless. Changing you mind and through your mind, changing your behaviors and actions, you can make a movement to a better, more profitable state. You can grow, evolve and expand. You can unleash your life. This means better health, wealth, relationships, business results and success in every area of life.

Power starts with your decision to move.


Your Power Sources

WisdomWays focuses on three main power sources which you need to be aware of to access and expand your personal power. Your power within is...


Free Your MindMind Power
  • Making powerful conscious decisions
  • Freeing your mind of limiting beliefs and emotions
  • Reprogramming  your subconscious with empowering beliefs and emotions




Shadow Power - Embrace Yoru ShadowShadow Power
  • Forgiving anything and everything where you have blame and  judgment because it is a loss of your  energy
  • Discovering, embracing and integrating the lost or hidden power in your shadow
  • Healing the separation in your mind to access the power of love in profound ways


Soul Power - Follow Your SpiritSoul Power
  • Understanding and accepting the true source of all authentic Power
  • Developing a relationship with God/Goddess/All That Is for access to your "supernatural Power"
  • Focusing and channeling power from Spirit instead of ego fear



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