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What would it mean to free your mind?

What if...

  • You were free of procrastination and took steady action towards your goals and dreams?
  • You were free of limiting behaviors in your relationships, money creation or health?
  • You could free your mind of the critical self-talk and self-doubt that keeps you stuck?
  • You could easily free your mind and let go of habitual anxiety, depression, anger, or fear?
  • Your mind was clear, quiet, focused and fully present in the moment?
  • You could maintain a positive outlook on your life, no matter what is going on?

 This is all possible when you make the decision to free your mind!

How do you free your mind?

It is quick and easy to free your mind of limiting beliefs and emotions - if you know how. The positive results of doing this are often noticed immediately. With a little knowledge, assistance or training, you can free your mind of limiting beliefs and emotions in minutes, even if you have had those limiting patterns all of your life. When you do, you can effectively utilize the unlimited power within your mind to achieve your goals instead of your mind power sabotaging them.

You have three(3) powerful minds. Two of them are keeping you stuck!
  • Your conscious mind is the mind that makes decisions. Its mind power is the power to choose your reality through your decisions, goals and actions.  The conscious mind is responsible for programming the more powerful subconscious mind.
  • Your subconscious mind is your habitual mind. It is a million times more powerful than your conscious mind, but like a computer, it just runs the programs (beliefs emotions) it was given. The mind power of your subconscious mind is the power to automatically manifest  your reality and experience according to its programming. Most of your life experience is based on subconscious mind programming – “good” or “bad”.
  • Your  Super-Conscious “Spirit” mind is the most powerful of all. The Super-conscious mind power or Spirit holds unlimited power and wisdom. It can assist and guide you in making wise and powerful choices and decisions that are aligned with your soul path. However, you consciously need to ask for direction and surrender to this Divine Will because Spirit will not interfere with your human will.
Which minds keep you stuck in old limiting patterns?
  • Your subconscious mind is holding you back because it has old belief and emotional programming that is working against you rather than for you. It does not reprogram itself, but if you know how, it will easily accept the new empowering programs you give it.
  • Your conscious mind is holding you back if you are not deciding to take responsibility for your life. You must choose to be aware of your limiting beliefs and limiting emotions and then choose to process emotions and reprogram your subconscious mind. For the ultimate life experience, you must also choose to surrender and be directed by Super-conscious "Spirit" Mind. Only you can decide to make these changes.

What will do? Will you free your mind?

Change Limiting Beliefs  with Richard Schultz

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Richard Schultz

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 ElevateLife Works Holistically

To get lasting results you desire, you need to work with the "whole system" and not just treat the symptoms. ElevateLife works holistically with your body, mind, Spirit and your environment to assist you in achieving freedom from the inside-out and the outside-in.  We will assist you to process and shift limiting emotions, reprogram limiting beliefs and release other energetic influences that keep you stuck in undesired patterns of behavior or experience. For many situations, you will find a complete shift in behavior can be achieved in a single 1 hour session with Richard.

Below are some links to information, resources and offerings which will put you in charge of mastering your own mind. Becoming the master of your mind and the master of your beliefs is a necessary skill in unleashing the power within and actualizing your true potential!

  • Life Mentoring: We'll become a partner in your success over a longer term
    • Discover your core values, life purpose, and talents
    • Set powerful goals and get support in taking the steps to achieve them
    • Create alignment between your conscious goals and subconscious beliefs
    • Ongoing support to assist you in breaking through any limitations
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Richard Schultz assists leaders in unlocking their true potential, authentic power and inner wisdom to create extraordinary, high impact lives. Courses, life mentoring and dialogue with Richard can help you live your legacy and build capacity to thrive with change!

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