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Mastering Mind for Mastering Life

Transforming Grief and Loss

November 20, 2020
With grief and loss being so pervasive in everyone's experience of life, we all need effective, holistic tools, methods and support to work with it and shift it. If we don't, it can add excessive drama and suffering to our story and adversely affect our quality of life, our health and ...

Re-writing the story of your life

July 16, 2020
 Story is central to our life experience. A script was being written and our character cast from the moment we were born. Our parents or caregivers taught us our lines and told us how to be and how to behave. We all learned to play our parts well because we wanted them to love us, to be proud ...

Connection Matters

September 30, 2019
Connection does matter. Ultimately, it may be the only thing that does really matter in this human experience.   I would suggest that there is  only one  core "problem" that anyone has in this world and that is our belief  that we are  ...

Setting effective goals

August 20, 2018
For the journey to your vision,  you are going to need to create a plan with specific goals that mark  accomplishments along your path  which can be used for celebration and feedback.   You are more likely to succeed if you have  a concrete, yet flexible plan in place ...

Life is but a dream

July 10, 2018
What if we were all just dreaming up our lives? What if we were really sleeping and still dreaming, even when we thought we were awake?   What if when we wake up from our 'sleeping dreams,'  we just awaken to another level of dreaming - another illusion? If you knew this was ...

Freedom from guilt, attack and defensiveness

May 15, 2018
Guilt is connected to many, if not most destructive behaviors. It keeps us in unhealthy relationship patterns and robs us of our precious energy and happiness. Sometimes it hides in the shadows and often it boldly puts on the clothes of 'Justice' and pretends that it is 'Good'. ...

Magical Flow

December 30, 2015
Experiencing the magic of flow, synchronicity and miracles! Have you ever experienced this before? These magical moments bring a sense of joy, gratitude and awe like nothing else can. No matter what our life conditions may be, they remind us that there is a powerful universal force that is taking ...

In the Shadow of Terrorism

November 24, 2015
A few days ago, I sat and reflected on the tragedy of terrorism that has gripped Paris and our world. Paris brought to mind my love of travel because it was the first foreign city that I ever visited when I was only 14 years old. That enchanted trip to Paris gave me my a "travel bug" to ...

Abundance in the Shadow of Scarcity

October 31, 2015
Scarcity abounds in our world today, or in other words, scarcity is abundant! Just look around and notice the scarcity fears that permeate the stories and experiences of our world. Scarcity has always loomed large in our human experience, but are we dancing in its extreme? Are you? The news tells ...

Take Down Your Heart Shields

September 23, 2014
True Potential is Activated Through Opening Your Heart To activate and live your true potential, you must open and expand your heart. Your heart is your primary access point for giving and receiving the light of love and joy. It is the center of your passion and where you exchange love with all ...

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