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How Beliefs Affect You

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Your entire reality is shaped by the beliefs you hold; particularly beliefs held in your subconscious mind. They are the filters through which you experience your world.  These subconscious beliefs were primarily "programmed" in your early childhood through what you saw, heard and felt from your parents or the environment around you. Most of these subconscious beliefs served you well, helping you to fit in and hopefully thrive in your life. However, you likely also took on limiting beliefs which hold you back from your reaching your goals and feeling completely fulfilled.  

One of your most important life skills required to reach your true potential is the ability to change  subconscious beliefs because beliefs drive all of your behavior! 



Limiting Beliefs can Paralyze You!

Have you got a phobia or an intense fear of something? Do you know of anyone else that has a phobia? Millions of people fly on airplanes every day, but for some people, the very thought of stepping onto an airplane gives them a panic attack! Besides fear of flying, others have fear of heights, fear of needles, swimming, snakes, spiders or even people! Why is it that for most people these things can be fun and for others they cause panic? Its because these people had a fearful experience in their lives which programmed their subconscious minds with beliefs that these were "dangerous." Even if logically the phobia does not make any sense, the powerful subconscious mind easily overrides the conscious mind to keep us safe. Phobias are just limiting beliefs that can easily be changed!

Don't have a phobia? Well you may not call it a phobia, and it may not seem as intense, but we all have limiting subconscious beliefs that hold us back from our true desires. If your subconscious mind learned beliefs in your childhood that you were not worthy of money or that rich people are corrupt, then it will keep you "safe" and keep you in poverty.  If you have low self-esteem, difficulty in relationships, or health issues, then there will be limiting subconscious beliefs behind these experiences.

Limiting subconscious beliefs can be easily changed. You do not need to remain stuck with limiting behaviors or life experiences. You can experience freedom in all areas of your life. Book a free discovery session with Richard to find out how. 

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