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How Emotions Affect You



Your emotions have a huge impact on your ability to create the life you desire. Your emotional state can either uplift and motivate you, or hold you back from your goals. Your emotional state will either enable you to express the very best of who you are or bring out more limiting behaviors. Emotions are the "fuel" that can drive you to live your true potential!


Motivation - goal oriented


One might think of "E--motions" as being:

  • "energy in motion"
  • "energy for motion"
  • "energy for motivation"



Emotion can be defined as:

  • An affective state of consciousness in which joy, sorrow, fear, hate, or the like, is experienced, as distinguished from cognitive and volitional states of consciousness. “ www.dictionary.com

  • “States that comprise feelings, physiological changes, expressive behavior and inclinations to act Book: Emotions and Beliefs


Emotions and Beliefs

Emotions are fundamental in how we perceive and interpret our world. They are intimately tied to our beliefs and difficult to separate from them. Emotions can influence beliefs in at least two fundamental ways:

1. They may give rise to beliefs where none existed

2. They may enhance or decrease the strength of which a belief is held

“The general proposal is that emotions can awaken, intrude into, and shape beliefs, by creating them, by amplifying or altering them, and by making them resistant to change”

- See book, Emotions and Beliefs - How feelings influence Thought


EmotionsIf you want to live your true potential, then you are going to need the emotional part of you aligned with your dreams. For example if there is a lot of conscious or subconscious fear or anxiety attached to a goal, then it is unlikely that you will have the motivation and power to take the necessary actions to achieve it. If you have fear of expressing your values in certain environments, it is likely that that value will be suppressed or hidden. Typically fears or anxiety around a goal or a behavior are there because there was a "traumatic experience" at sometime in your life which never got fully resolved. Your subconscious remembers this "trauma" and works to prevent you from re-creating the experience again. Unfortunately, the subconscious can associate this "protection" with a goal that is really good for you and prevent you from moving forward with it.

WisdomWays can help you release limiting emotions and create new empowering emotional states that resonate with your true potential!


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