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Learn How to Muscle Test Beliefs

How To Muscle Test Affirmations

Determine What Limiting Subconscious Beliefs You Have!

Muscle Testing establishes a convenient communication system with the subconscious mind, and when used properly, can be an accurate detector of subconscious truths. Because the subconscious mind controls motor functions in the body, such as muscle movement, we can use this "built in" biofeedback mechanism to find out when the subconscious agrees or disagrees with a given statement.


Procedure to Muscle Test Affirmations from the Refreshing Beliefs e-Course

Learning muscle testing is easy!

The video and written instructions below give a short, concise procedure to muscle test  subconscious beliefs. Follow the steps carefully to assure successful communication with your subconscious. You will need a friend or family member to help you to learn how to the muscle test.

After you get the hang of it, try muscle testing some of your own beliefs or use some of the sample beliefs under the menu in the right column (What beliefs Limit You?)



Written Instructions for Muscle Testing


As the person Muscle Testing the other person do the following:

A. Your partner may select either arm for testing. Stand to the side looking over your partner’s shoulder. (See side video)

B. Keep one hand resting lightly on their extended arm between the wrist and elbow. Place your other hand on their shoulder for stability.

C. Your partner's body should be relaxed, chin parallel with the floor and their eyes open and focused down.

D. Tell your partner to “Be Strong” just before applying pressure.

E. Apply a gentle but steady pressure for about 2 seconds or until you feel the muscle either “lock in place,” (STRONG Response) or “let go,” (WEAK Response). Your partner should resist the downward pressure. (Avoid “bouncing” the arm.)



 Ask your partner if the pressure you are using is comfortable.

Adjust the pressure, e.g. harder or softer, in order to achieve a clear muscle response.



Muscle Test a statement you know to be TRUE about yourself and then a statement you know to be FALSE.

For example, with their arm extended for Muscle Testing, have the person being tested say, "My name is (insert actual name)" and then immediately Muscle Test. Remember to tell your partner to "Be Strong" just before you press, so they will know when to resist the downward pressure. Note the response. The response should be STRONG if the statement is TRUE. Next, have the person being tested say, "My name is (insert fictitious name)" and immediately Muscle Test. The response should be WEAK if the statement is FALSE.

If you are still uncertain when the muscle response is STRONG or WEAK, practice with some other TRUE and FALSE statements, (e.g. your age, sex, occupation, etc.) until you are getting clear responses. Like anything else, Muscle Testing is a skill and may require a little practice.



How To Muscle Test A Belief

If you are reasonably comfortable with the Muscle Testing process, select a category in the right column menu (What Beliefs Limit You?), then choose a SAMPLE BELIEF from a category to test. If you test WEAK to any of the beliefs in your chosen category, you will have discovered a belief that is NOT supported by your subconscious mind and is therefore limiting your success and happiness in that area of your life.

Say a belief statement out loud as if you really mean it! Concentrate on the feeling you get when you say the statement. Have your partner Muscle Test you immediately after you say the statement. Concentrate more on the statement than on the arm being tested. This will help ensure the response you get is accurate. Note which beliefs are STRONG and which are WEAK. This will let you know which beliefs ARE supporting you in this area of your life, and which are NOT.




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