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Embrace Your Shadow

What if you stopped "leaking energy" & found authentic power?

 What if...

  • You were free of past traumas and your emotional reaction to them.
  • You could finally let go of emotional triggers that destroy your relationships.
  • You could forgive anyone for anything, including yourself.
  • No matter what life threw at you, you could find real peace.
  • You truly loved yourself and felt authentic and powerful.
  • You felt whole and complete.

 This is your reality when you embrace shadow and know your wholeness.

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You have lost your power in the shadows

The root cause of all pain and suffering in our world is SEPARATION. In our minds, we perceive and experience separation from 'God', from each other and from ourselves. We are separate from our true power, and we are separate from love.  This separation is within our mind, and it is the separated mind that creates our separate world. As long as we perceive ourselves as separate and not whole, pain and suffering result.

When we disown, judge or reject any part of us, whether we feel that part is 'good' or 'bad', then we become fragmented and are not whole. In this separation we lose the power, energy or capacity of that part.  That energy is not available to us when we need it - at least not by loving choice. Instead, the energy we have rejected may emerge as an uncontrolled and unwanted reaction. It takes a lot of energy to suppress or keep these 'energies' or parts of our selves hidden.  If we  do not  own and embrace them, then they will be projected onto others in the form of judgment and hate. These projections result in 'triggers' and opposing 'mirrors'. - the 'enemies'. When we are emotionally triggered by someone else, it is usually because they represent an aspect of our own unconscious and unowned shadow. 




To be free, we need to find and embrace our hidden shadows

To be free, you need to know how to reprogram your mind with empowering beliefs and emotions AND you also need to  heal the separation in your mind. 

Separation typically occurs in early childhood in reaction to 'traumas,'  emotional misunderstandings or painful experiences. The separation of mind occurred as a strategy to avoid or survive the pain we felt at that time. We were trying to "fit in" and be loved.  To heal the separation requires moving towards the held pain, feeling it and processing it.   Often these early 'traumas' are often unconscious in our memory but can be easily and safely awakened, understood and fully healed through forgiveness and 'shadow' processes.

These shadows are often referred to as "light" or "dark".  We might judge and perceive energies such as anger, lying, arrogance, depression, and shame as dark and unwanted, but most of us have also rejected parts of our brilliance... our power, beauty and innocence.

To be whole, we need to embrace and integrate ALL of these separated energies, or we will continue to do battle with them in some form for the rest of our lives. Forgiveness is the key to healing a separated mind. Love, compassion,  happiness, peace, joy, power and wisdom are the lasting gifts and rewards for doing this important life work. 




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WisdomWays to Wholeness

If you are stuck in any part of your life or if you get emotionally triggered and overreact in certain situations or with certain people, then you have unresolved shadow. There patterns of behavior tend to repeat themselves over and over until the shadow cause is discovered, forgiven and owned. 

When you do 'Shadow Work' with WisdomWays ...

  • You will discover the hidden shadows that keep you stuck in old patterns
  • You will forgive the root cause and finally find the peace you are looking for
  • You will become more whole, less judgemental and more compassionate and loving
  • You will have more wisdom, power and energy available to accomplish your goals
  • You will be more authentic.

When you do wholeness work, life shifts to a new more peaceful level. You are happier and fell more successful in relationships, health, & wealth. It takes 'work', but it is the most rewarding work you may ever do!

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WisdomWays Programs to Find and Embrace Power Lost in the Shadows

Most people find it difficult to recognize their shadows alone because they have spent their entire lives disowning them, hating them and fighting them in  projections. The ego hates shadow work because it knows that you stepping into your wholeness is the beginning of ego's end and the start of your path to lasting peace.

Richard Schultz has done extensive 'shadow work' with himself and others with often profound results and shifts. Through his guidance and with the help of Spirit, hidden  Shadows tend to miraculously emerge and get resolved in the sessions. Richard's holds a skillful and compassionate space for you as you discover, embrace and integrate your shadows one by one with astounding results. As each shadow  is forgiven and resolved, you feel more whole, joyful, peaceful and loving.  Be prepared to be surprised because in a single session it is common to shift from distress to joy!

There are several options to work with Richard to understand shadow and restore your wholeness.

  • Private healing sessions(in-person or phone): Work privately with Richard Schultz
    • Find and reintegrate the shadow(s) cause behind any  difficult life experience
    • Forgive anyone for anything, including yourself
    • Find limiting beliefs and release difficult emotions that keep you stuck
  • Life Coaching & Mentoring:
    • We'll partner with you in your journey to wholeness
    • Together we will shift the root cause of anything that holds you back from success and shift it.
    • You set your goals, and we partner in your success over the long term with regular sessions and ongoing support.
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