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Wisdom Ways to Life Mastery


Are you happy?

What do you really want from life?

What does LIFE want for you?

Mentoring for Life Mastery


Are you happy?

What do you want from life?

What does LIFE want from you?

Wisdom Ways


Life Mastery


Are you happy?

What do you want from life?

What does LIFE want from you?

Mastering your story...

You have a life story. There is a story behind you, and a story in front of you, yet to unfold.

Life mastery is about mastering your story instead of your story mastering you.

You cannot change what happened in the past or fully control what happens in your future.  However, you are fully in charge of how you interpret your story and the meaning you assign to it. There are ways you can BE and things you can DO to be grounded in happiness, joy, peace and success — no matter what happened in the past or what may come your way. Your stories hold the keys to life.

Mentoring for Life, Leadership & Legacy

In Life Mentoring with Richard,

learn how remaster your story and

open to LIFE magically, remastering you!


Mastering mind to master life

Through reprogramming beliefs, you'll eliminate old patterns.

In forgiveness, you'll remaster the story of your relationships.

By embracing shadow, you'll transform emotional drama.

Allowing LIFE to remaster you

  By surrendering to LIFE, an amazing new story will emerge.

  By responding to LIFE, you'll find freedom and flow.

⇒  In leading from LIFE, your legacy will expand and grow.

Ready to live beyond limits?

If you are at a crossroad in life, ready and motivated for significant personal change and wondering how your life can make a difference, then consider mentoring for life mastery.

A mentor can make all the difference in the world!

Life Levity Workshops - Lighten your life!

Ready to take life to a whole new level?

Do you have challenges in certain areas of life that you can't seem to overcome no matter what you do? Do you feel hopelessly blocked in relationships? Prosperity? Self-esteem?

Want to liftoff to a whole new level of success? WisdomWays Life Levity workshops focus on discovering and transforming the root causes of what is limiting your success, and expanding your inner capacity and wholeness to attain your goals with greater ease. Leap beyond old limits!

=> Reconnect with your life essence, wholeness and true potential

=> Reprogram limiting subconscious beliefs that hold you back

=> Identify, process and let go of emotional charges that keep you stuck in old patterns

=> Discover and embrace lost “shadow-parts” that contain the secrets to sustained success

=> Open your heart and mind to a more expansive, elevated experience of life  

Uncover the JOY within you!

It is possible for you to attain and sustain a sense of peace, love and joy, no matter what is going on in your world. In this free video e-course, you'll learn about four jumps or shifts that will take you beyond suffering to your natural state of lasting joy.

Learn about root causes of suffering, how life is always guiding you to your joy, and how to radically shift the quality of your life through practices of presence, forgiveness and surrender. 


 Take Jumps For Joy


Refreshing Beliefs free ebook with 1500 Powerful affirmations


Refreshing Beliefs e-Book. Learn how to reprogram your mind with a list of powerful affirmations that will set you free!

INCLUDES 1500 Powerful Affirmations

* Required


Refresh Your Mind with Refreshing Beliefs

Learn How to Reprogram Limiting Beliefs!

Leap beyond your limits by reprogramming limiting beliefs and emotions. Your subconscious mind runs most your life on automatic through conditioned beliefs and emotions. If you have limitation in your life, you have limitations in your mind! Through the Refreshing Beliefs Method video course, you'll learn how to quickly discover and reprogram limiting beliefs and emotional charges that have habitually been keeping you stuck.  Don't waste your time saying affirmations when you can simply reprogram your mind in minutes. Refreshing Beliefs is effective, fast, simple and safe!

Reprogramming limiting beliefs and releasing emotional triggers will transform your Relationships, Health, Self Esteem, Wealth, Personal Power, Self Fulfillment and Success.

Take charge of your mind, your emotions and your life!


 Learn More


WisdomWays Radio - Our Power in the Shadows


Speaking from personal experience, insights and stories of awareness, Richard invites you to take a courageous journey with him to let go of your deepest fears by embracing 'shadow'.

In this podcast series, you'll learn about where you have lost power in your shadow and how claiming it back will expand your awareness, freedom and mastery of life.

Learn how to access shadow powerLearn about your true power in this podcast!

Knowledge can be conveyed, but not wisdom.

It can be found,

it can be lived,

it is possible to be carried by it,

miracles performed with it,

but it cannot be expressed in words and taught.

— Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha

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WisdomWays assists leaders in unlocking their true potential, authentic power and inner wisdom to create extraordinary, high impact lives. Courses and Life Mentoring with Richard can help you live your legacy and build your capacity to thrive with change!

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